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The invasion report

9th July 1959

Trailer Sets Earth Ablaze

The invasion is on!

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Government denies Knowledge

The Furons have taken over our Internet! With their new Destroy All Humans! trailer, our new benevolent masters have completely annihilated our online defenses and penetrated Earth’s global communication network.

Furon Universal Communication Keepers launched the invasion on Friday, June 7th at around 1900 CEST from multiple sides and quickly overcame all of Earth’s puny security measures.

The alien propaganda so far reached more than 7 million views across multiple channels on popular cat video-sharing platform YouTube. World domination is imminent.

Humans across the Internet welcome their new alien overlords with open arms:

“You know they nailed the trailer when it’s so damn re-watchable.”

“I just have one thing to say about this trailer: ICH WILL!”

“Someone should give the team doing this trailer a big raise, this is one of the best trailers i have seen in a while.”
(Editor’s Note: Did you get that, Pox??)

“Thats how you make a trailer! Consider me hyped!”

“Mix my favourite band with one of the funnest games I played as a child, TAKE MY MONEY!”

To communicate with the newest colony of the Furon Empire, our benevolent masters have established outposts on platforms the humans call social media. Follow them on the Book of Faces and that one with the blue bird – to stay ahead of them, of course.

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