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The invasion report

31st January 1960

Secret Weapon?

The invasion is on!

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Government denies Knowledge

In their invasion efforts the Furon Empire has taken interest in a special sub-species of Humans. So called E-Sports-Players have shown the potential of mastering the most difficult of challenges. This, combined with their sheer intensity, could prove to be a most valuable asset to the extra-terrestrials.

An event known as DreamHack in Leipzig, Germany, has recently attracted large numbers of such specimen, and has reportedly been spiked with Furon Spies. Eyewitnesses say that no persuasion was needed to get the 23,300 members of the gathering to join the invasion, possibly due to unawareness of aforementioned Spies. Furons seem to have made great progress in adaptive camouflage technology.

Caution is advised.