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The invasion report

25th September 1959

Raid Failed!

The invasion is on!

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Government denies Knowledge

Raid Failed – Government keeps prisoners!

On Thursday, September 19th at around 2000 PDT, roughly 7,000 people gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada, to prepare for the raid of Area 51 to release any unjustly held non-human specimen. The excited masses studied attack strategies using Furon technology and projected one plan onto a building spanning more than 22 meters in width to reach every Earth Creature around.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the signal of the projector turned out to be too strong for Humans whose minds could not take that kind of amplitude. Only around 70 people survived and made their way to the military base the next day – not enough to free the prisoners of the government.

Humans are advised to not let the criminal government silence them and train their minds for the next descent of the Furon Empire.

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