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The invasion report

8th November 1959

Paris Falls

The invasion is on!

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The Furon Empire continues to solidify its invasion efforts on Planet Earth. After the creation of several beach heads in key global regions like the United States of America, Germany, Russia and Australia, the benevolent Furon Emperor approved further operations into an area called France. From the 30th of October until the 3rd of November alien operatives infiltrated the capitol city of Paris under the guise of a so-called “Games Week”.

Furon squads faced some 317,000 humans who stormed the premises of the Paris Expo at Porte de Versailles. Scattered resistance cells carried out futile attacks and made further attempts to acquire valuable Furon technology. Unfortunately for the aggressors all incursions were quickly crushed by human mercenaries who willingly joined the alien invasion.

“J’ai rencontré Crypto et il ne m’a pas tué avec son rayon de la mort!
Ces faibles aliens ont bien peur de…”
– Former French Human Resistance Fighter

Despite the sheer numbers and isolated hostile actions by a few deranged monkeys most humans were peaceful and fell prey to the fully equipped battle stations at the alien HQ. Members of the press spread the glory of the Furon Empire and even local lawmakers were sighted willingly embracing Furon leadership. Reports indicating that these actions were the result of superior psi-abilities being utilized were dismissed as fake news by Furon spokesperson Orthopox.

“Je suis prêt à détruire tous les humains l’année prochaine.”
– French Human

Country by country, Furon forces continue to dominate the puny human population. This event proves to be yet another achievement in preparation for World Domination in the year 2020, when we unleash the full force of the Furon invasion to Destroy All Humans!