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The invasion report

11th October 1959

Double Strike

The invasion is on!

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Government denies Knowledge

The Furon Empire has already brainwashed enough Earth Creatures to launch simultaneous attacks across the planet. From the 3rd through the 6th of October, both Russia and Germany have been targeted by Furon Minions carrying mind-altering software on Personal Computers. In total around 195,000 people have fallen victim to these most recent attacks on loathsome little Earth.

At Igromir, Russia’s largest gaming convention taking place in Moscow, the Destroy All Humans! campaign booth was reportedly strategically placed right next to a stunning sensation called Cyberpunk 2077, exposing everyone waiting to catch a glimpse of a different sort of destroyed Humanity, willing or not, to the Furon Masters’ messages.

“я уже с нетерпинеем жду, уничтожить всех людей”
– Russian Human

The Furon Empire’s newest attempts on World Domination were broadcasted live over the World Wide Web, reaching even more Humans than initially estimated. Visitors of Comic Con Russia were also exposed to Alien lifeforms and technology and some Earth Creatures actually claimed to see “Little Green Men” waiting in line to take pictures with Human actor Mads Mikkelsen and amazing Human/Genius Hideo Kojima. However, those allegations are obviously untrue and if any Furon would wait in line for a Monkey, it would merely be to abduct them.

At MAG in Erfurt, Germany, not only those fond of Gaming, but also all sorts of curiosities related to Japanese culture, were targeted. With the convention calling themselves one for the “Community”, Humans wagered themselves in even more safety, and some specimen were observed to voluntarily subject themselves to the Furon software more than once.

“Ich will den Außerirdischen helfen, die Welt zu erobern!”
– German Human

All Furon activity recorded so far points to a successful World Domination in the year of 2020, when the overlords launch their fatal offensive in order to Destroy All Humans!