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1st April 1960


The invasion is on!

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Government denies Knowledge

27th February 1960

10,000 Civilian Homes In Danger

Secret sources report that the Furon Empire is launching a brutal strike on as many […] Read more

31st January 1960

Secret Weapon?

In their invasion efforts the Furon Empire has taken interest in a special sub-species of […] Read more

8th November 1959

Paris Falls

The Furon Empire continues to solidify its invasion efforts on Planet Earth. After the creation […] Read more

11th October 1959

Double Strike

The Furon Empire has already brainwashed enough Earth Creatures to launch simultaneous attacks across the […] Read more

25th September 1959

Raid Failed!

Raid Failed – Government keeps prisoners! On Thursday, September 19th at around 2000 PDT, roughly […] Read more

13th September 1959

Cologne Subdued

The first European invasion site in Cologne, Germany has not been able to withstand the […] Read more

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